Prevent, treat the cause of the body odor, foul breath, and aging odors, and life without the stress.

It is disliked with the smell.

The body odor and foul breath that causes a physiological unpleasantness influence the interpersonal relationship.

"It is disliked with the smell"
Let's catch causing for the interpersonal relationship and love in the bullying and the office by "Smell" for a fact by nobody though nobody clearly easily declares this fact.

The body odor and foul breath can be improved and be prevented.

The cause of the body odor and foul breath is understood and it prevents it by the lifestyle.

It prevents and is ameliorable in the bathing products of how to enter, the soap of eating habits, luxury goods, and the bath, and the shampoos, etc. and supplements though the cause of the smell is various.

Be opposite ..the body odor and foul breath.. it not given up, "It cannot be helped because the constitution".

The worry about the body odor and foul breath : to the stress.

Stress and body odor

There was [kitsui] person of the body odor in my office though it was my own experience.
The summer time etc. were very though thought that it was [wakiga] though strengthened and discontinued further the smell.
However, the person hesitated in "Smell". It still becomes the object of the backbiting, a line is pulled from surroundings to the person's smell only by "Smell" though it is a living doll, and it has become floating existence though it is a helpless thing for the person in question. When there was [kitsui] person of the body odor near by him/herself, it became uneasy, and it came to hunt a deodorant and deodorant goods , saying that "I might be also stinky". Still, uneasiness is not canceled.
The person did not ask, "[Watashinio] [kunai] ?", either it said to the treatment academy, and the talk was asked to the teacher.

It becomes uneasy and the person who comes to the doctor seems not to be a little with might [wakiga] like me I.
At that time, it was "The stress causes the body odor. " that the teacher had said.

The adrenal awakes the hormone such as the adrenocortical hormone, the male hormone, and adrenaline when the stress is received and a large amount of discharges are awoken. These hormones are made not to spare the secretion of the sebum of the hair gland. gland..pipe..blockade..have.Then, the sebum secreted in not sparing collects in the hair gland on the inside, the active oxygen is generated easily, and the body odor strengthens.

Because the body odor and foul breath worry, it seems not to be good to straighten the stress.